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Atlas Advisors LLC was created to help wealthy individuals manage their capital with a level of expertise and customized service normally available only to major institutional investors. Drawing on the expertise of 20+ years of money management experience in the US financial markets and a deep understanding of both passive and active investment strategies, Atlas offers investors a unique combination of strategic-value asset allocation, disciplined portfolio management, and extra personalized service.

Atlas Advisors, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of a new class of fund: Atlas Real Estate Partners, L.P. which was created to help individual investors invest in the foreclosure and distressed real estate market in the U.S.  We believe that this is a once in a generation opportunity to invest at a 20-30% discount in prime residential real estate. The combination of buying a prime asset at a major discount to the market, with historically low interest rates in a rebounding market is exactly the kind of investment  Atlas Advisors, LLC  looks for.  

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